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Jean-François-Bertrand Delmas

b. 3 Jan 1751, Toulouse, Haute-Garonne
d. after 6 Oct 1798, Paris

Title: Président de la Convention nationale (President of the National Convention)
Term: 4 Apr 1793 - 18 Apr 1793
Chronology: 4 Apr 1793, elected, session of the Convention, Salle du Manège, Paris [1]
5 Apr 1793, assumed the chair, session of the Convention, Salle du Manège, Paris [2][3]
18 Apr 1793, ceased to exercise the functions of office upon the election of a successor [4]
Served as military officer in France and Italy; joined the Toulouse national guards (1790) in the rank of aide-major, attained the rank of major général; elected (6 Sep 1791) as a representative of the département of Haute-Garonne to the Assemblée nationale (National Assembly) (1791-1792); as a member of the military committee, worked on organization of regular army; deputy member of the Commission extraordinaire des Douze (Extraordinary Commission of Twelve) (18 Jun 1792 - 21 Sep 1792); was elected (6 Sep 1792) to the Convention nationale (National Convention) (1792-1795), where represented Haute-Garonne; took seat with the Mantagnards; representative of the Convention in the Army of the North (1792); demanded for harsh measures against the moderates and aristocracy; voted for the death sentence in the trial of King Louis XVI; was elected President of the National Convention (4 Apr 1793 - 18 Apr 1793) and a member of the Comité de salut public (Committee of Public Safety) (7 Apr 1793 - 10 Jul 1793, 1 Sep 1794 - 4 Jan 1795); named president of the Jacobin Club after the Thermidorian coup (24 Aug 1794 - 19 Sep 1794); one of those in charge of the troops suppressing the revolt of 1 Prairial, Year III (20 May 1795); elected (15 Oct 1795) a deputy from Haute-Garonne to the Corps législatif and selected to sit in the Conseil des Anciens (Council of Ancients) (1795-1798); served as President of the Council of Ancients (21 Mar 1797 - 20 Apr 1797); suffered a mental collapse and was placed in hospital (6 Oct 1798), where died soon afterwards.
Biographical sources: Dictionnaire des Conventionnels, 195-196; Dictionnaire des parlementaires français 1789-1889, 2:322.

Candidate Votes (4 Apr 1793)
Jean-François-Bertrand Delmas 282
voters/absolute majority 377/188
Source of electoral results: Archives parlementaires - Série 1, 61:316.

[1] Archives parlementaires - Série 1, 61:316; Procès-verbal de la Convention nationale, 9:73; number of voters are recorded in Logotachigraphe, n° 97, p. 294 and Journal de Perlet, n° 197, p. 44.
[2] Archives parlementaires - Série 1, 61:317.
[3] The election of Delmas as a member of the Committee of Public Safety (7 Apr 1793) and his preoccupation with the Committee's business prevented him from regular attendance of the Convention meetings, which were chaired either by former presidents or secretaries. On 9 Apr 1793, the Convention elected Jacques-Alexis Thuriot de la Rosière (see Archives parlementaires - Série 1, 61:497) to serve as vice-président, exercising the functions of president in absence of Delmas. Thuriot presided at most of the sessions from 9 Apr 1793 to 18 Apr 1793. Delmas assumed the chair at the evening session of 18 Apr 1793, when Marc-David Alba, dit Lasource was elected president and immediately replaced his predecessor.
[4] Archives parlementaires - Série 1, 62:685; Procès-verbal de la Convention nationale, 10:48.