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Finland: Chairmen of the People's Delegation: 1918

The People's Delegation of Finland (Suomen kansanvaltuuskunta) was a governmental body established by a proclamation of 28 Jan 1918 in Helsinki in opposition to the Senate of Finland and preventing the Diet from holding sessions. The Delegation's authority authority extended to the south of Finland. Being in a state of warfare with the Senate and its foreign allies, the Delegation was forced to move from Helsinki to Viipuri (now Vyborg, Russian Federation) in early April 1918 and finally abandoned the national territory 25 Apr 1918.
Suomen kansanvaltuuskunnan puheenjohtaja | Chairman of the People's Delegation of Finland
28 Jan 1918 - 12? Apr 1918 Kullervo Akilles Manner
12? Apr 1918 - 17 Apr 1918 Otto Ville Kuusinen [1]
17 Apr 1918 - 25 Apr 1918 Lauri Aukusti Letonmäki

[1] Original name: Otto Wilhelm Kuusinen