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Eswatini: Polity Style: 1895-2024

10 Dec 1894 a Convention between the United Kingdom and Transvaal (South African Republic) is signed near Charlestown and Volksrust (ratified by the legislature of the Transvaal 13 Feb 1895) [British and Foreign State Papers, 86:61-66]
21 Feb 1895 constituted as a territory, including the lands inhabited by the Swazi Nation, under the protection and administration of the Transvaal (South African Republic) in accordance with a proclamation of 20 Feb 1895 [Staatscourant, 20 Feb 1895]
21 Feb 1895 - 25 Apr 1967 Swaziland [1]
7 Aug 1903 protection and administration is transferred to the monarch of the United Kingdom "by virtue of the conquest and annexation of the South African Republic", Order-in-Council passed by the United Kingdom Privy Council 25 Jun 1903 (effective upon publication in Transvaal Gazette, 7 Aug 1903) [2]
25 Apr 1967 constituted as a protected state in accordance with an agreement signed 24 Apr 1967 (effective 25 Apr 1967)
25 Apr 1967 - 6 Sep 1968 Protected State of Swaziland
6 Sep 1968 ceases to be a protected state and becomes an independent state in accordance with Art. 1 of the Swaziland Independence Act, 1968 (receives Royal Assent 26 Jul 1968) [3]
6 Sep 1968 - 17 May 2018 Kingdom of Swaziland [4]
17 May 2018 name of the state is changed in accordance with a declaration published as Legal Notice No. 80 of 2018 (effective upon publication; retroactively effective from 19 Apr 2018) (Government Gazette, No. 70?, 17 May 2018; Swazi Observer, 18 May 2018, p. 6) [5]
17 May 2018 - Kingdom of Eswatini
Sources and notes:
[1] Originally spelled "Swazieland" in the Convention of 1894 and in legal documents issued by the authorities of the Transvaal.
[2] The status of Swaziland was not formally defined in statutory law, but the judgment of the UK Privy Council of 15 Apr 1926 referred to it as a protectorate "which approximated in constitutional status to a Crown Colony" (Sobhuza II v. Miller [1926] AC 518 PC). It was governed under the provisions of the Foreign Jurisdiction Act, 1890, in the name of the King (and then Queen) of the United Kingdom.
[3] Full title (English): An Act to make provision for, and in connection with, the attainment by Swaziland of fully responsible status within the Commonwealth
[4] In official, but not statutory use (in siSwati): Umbuso weSwatini
[5] Public announcement of the change of the name was made by King Mswati III at Mavuzo Trade Centre, Manzini, 19 Apr 2018 (Swazi Observer, 21 Apr 2018, pp. 1-3).