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Ecuador: Polity Style: 1830-2024

13 May 1830 Distrito del Sur, an administrative unit of Gran Colombia, is proclaimed a free and independent state in accordance with the resolution of a popular meeting, Quito (Gaceta de Quito, No. 60, Supplement, 15 May 1830, pp. 2-4)
13 May 1830 - 22 Sep 1830 Estado del Sur de Colombia | State of the South of Colombia
23 Sep 1830 former departamentos of Gran Colombia, Azuay, Guayas and Quito, are united into an independent polity under the name of Estado del Ecuador in accordance with the Constitution adopted by the Constituent Congress (Congreso Constituyente) on 11 Sep 1830 in Riobamba, promulgated by the President of the State on 23 Sep 1830 (Actas Congreso 1830, pp. 78-79; Primer rejistro autentico nacional de la republica del Ecuador: 1830-1835, Quito: Imprenta de gobierno, por J. Campuzano, 1840, 1:19-33)
23 Sep 1830 - 13 Aug 1835 Estado del Ecuador | State of Ecuador
13 Aug 1835 Constitución de la República del Ecuador is adopted by the National Convention (Convención Nacional) on 30 Jul 1835 in Ambato, promulgated by the President of the Republic on 13 Aug 1835 in Quito (Constitución política de la República del Ecuador, sancionada por la convención nacional en el año de 1835-25, Quito: Imprenta del Gobierno, 1835, pp. 1-23)
13 Aug 1835 - República del Ecuador | Republic of Ecuador