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Yuan: Polity Style: 1271-1368

18 Dec 1271 establishment of Yuan is proclaimed by an imperial edict (History of Yuan, ch. 7; New History of Yuan, ch. 8)
18 Dec 1271 - 14 Sep 1368 Dà Yuán (大元) | Great Yuan
14 Sep 1368 the capital of Yuan, Dadu (Khanbaliq), is captured by the army of Ming (History of Yuan, ch. 47; New History of Yuan, ch. 26) [1]

[1] 14 Sep 1368 is a notional date for the end of Yuan as a polity. The imperial court abandoned Dadu on 10 Sep 1368 and moved to the summer capital, Shangdu (now in Inner Mongolia) which was also occupied by Ming in 1369. The court again relocated to Yingchang (now in Inner Mongolia) which, in turn, was captured by the Ming army in 1370. The successors of the Yuan rulers continued to govern the state historically known as Northern Yuan until its disintegration in the first part of the 17th century.