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Wei (Eastern): Emperor: 534-550

The record includes the emperor of the eastern part of the empire of Wei (historically known as "Eastern Wei"). The ruler is recorded under the following protocol: personal name (míng | ), considered tabooed (huì | ) upon accession; posthumous name (shì | ). The year of bestowal is given in brackets.
Ruling House: Yuán ()
Huángdì (皇帝)
8 Nov 534 - 7 Jun 550 Yuán Shànjiàn (元善見) [1][2]
  posthumous name: Xiào jìng huángdì (孝靜皇帝) [552]

[1] Acceded in Luoyang, later moving the capital to Ye (in modern Handan, Hebei province) where he continued to rule over the eastern part of the empire.
[2] Nobility title (after relinquishing imperial dignity): Zhōngshān wáng (中山王) [conferred by the ruler of Northern Qi, 550].