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Song: Emperors: 1276-1279

Each ruler is recorded under the following protocol: temple name (miàohào | 廟號) || personal name (míng | ), considered tabooed (huì | ) upon accession; posthumous name (shì | ). The years of bestowal or change are given in brackets.
Ruling House: Zhào ()
Huángdì (皇帝)
14 Jun 1276 - 8 May 1278 Duānzōng (端宗) [1278] || Zhào Shì (趙昰) (alternative reading of : Xià) [1]
  posthumous names (?): Mǐn xiào huángdì (愍孝皇帝)
10 May 1278 - 19 Mar 1279 no temple name bestowed || Zhào Bǐng (趙昺) [2]

[1] Acceded to the throne in the capital located in the prefecture (fǔ | ) of Fuan (now in Fuzhou, Fujian). Facing imminent invasion of the armies of Yuan, he relocated to the south, mostly controlling a limited territory on the coast of modern province of Guangdong and adjacent islands.
[2] Acceded to the throne on the coastal territory of modern province of Guangdong controlled by the army of Song until a decisive battle with the armies of Yuan on 19 Mar 1279.