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Liang: Polity Style: 502-557

30 Apr 502 Xiāo Yǎn (蕭衍), holding the title of Liáng wáng (梁王), acceded to the throne in Jiankang (within the territory of the modern city of Nanjing) (Book of Liang, ch. 2; History of the Southern Dynasties, ch. 6)
30 Apr 502 - 12 Nov 557 Liáng () | Liang
12 Nov 557 polity collapsed after the last emperor of Liang abdicated the throne in favour of Chén Bàxiān (陳霸先), holding the title of Chén wáng (陳王), who acceded as the first emperor of Chen on 16 Nov 557 (Book of Liang, ch. 6; History of the Southern Dynasties, ch. 8)