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Jurchen Jin: Polity Style: 1115-1233

28 Jan 1115 the ruler of a Jurchen tribe, Āgǔdǎ (阿骨打), acceded to the imperial throne and proclaimed the establishment of the Great Jin (History of Jin, ch. 2)
28 Jan 1115 - 30 May 1233 Dà Jīn (大金) | Great Jin
30 May 1233 polity collapsed after the southern capital of the Jurchen Jin, Kaifeng (now in the province of Henan, China), was captured by the army of the Mongolians (Memories in Retirement, ch. 11; History of Jin, ch. 18) [1]

[1] The emperor, Āizōng, fled from Kaifeng on 5 Feb 1233 before it was captured by the Mongolian army (30 May 1233) and set up the court in Caizhou. He abdicated (8 Feb 1234) in favour of Wányán Chénglín (完顏承麟) who was enthroned on 9 Feb 1234, but was killed in action on the same day during the storming of Caizhou by the Mongolians.