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Republic of China: Head of State (Beijing): 1930

Guómín zhèngfǔ wěiyuánhuì zhǔxí (國民政府委員會主席) | President of the Committee of the National Government [1]
9 Sep 1930 - Nov 1930 Yán Xīshān (閻錫山) [2][3]

[1] Appointed by a resolution passed by the enlarged meeting of the Central Party Department of the Kuomintang (Zhōngguó guómíndǎng zhōngyāng dǎng bù kuòdà huìyì | 中國國民黨中央黨部擴大會議) held in Beijing 1 Sep 1930 in accordance with the Organizational Outline of the National Government (Guómín zhèngfǔ zǔzhī dàgāng | 國民政府組織大綱).
[2] Took oath of office at a public ceremony in Beijing 9 Sep 1930.
[3] Left Beijing c. 20 Sep 1930 and continued in Taiyuan, Shanxi until early Nov 1930 when the government disintegrated.