Lower Canada: Sources - Archontology

Lower Canada: Sources

  • Canada Constitutional Documents 1791-1818. Doughty, Arthur G.; McArthur, Duncan A. (eds.) Documents Relating to the Constitutional History of Canada 1791-1818. Ottawa: C.H. Parmelee, 1914. online
  • Lower Canada Proclamations 1792-1815. "Proclamations of the Governor of Lower Canada 1792-1815." Report of the Public Archives for the Year 1921. Ottawa: F.A. Acland, 1922, Appendix B: i-viii, 1-206. online
  • Pickering's Statutes at Large. The Statutes at Large from the Magna Charta, to the End of the Eleventh Parliament of Great Britain, anno 1761 [continued to 1806]. Cambridge, Printed by J. Bentham, 1762-1807. 46 vols. in 51. [title and publisher vary in several volumes] online
  • Quebec and Upper Canada Proclamations 1760-1841. "Proclamations by Governors and Lieutenant Governors of Quebec and Upper Canada," Fourth Report of the Bureau of Archives for the Province of Ontario by Alexander Fraser, Provincial Archivist, 1906 : Printed by Order of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Toronto: L.K. Cameron, 1907. online
  • Quebec Gazette. The Quebec Gazette : La Gazette de Québec (No. 1, 21 Jun 1764 - No. 4324, 30 Apr 1832) online: 1764-1832, 1775-1832
  • Quebec Gazette (New Series). The Quebec Gazette, published by authority : La Gazette de Québec, publiée par autorité: New Series (No. 1, 30 Oct 1823 - No. 28, 10 May 1849) online