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Bulgaria: Governorship: 1886

Namestničestvo (Наместничество) | Governorship [1]
chairman (predsedatel, председател)
13/25 Aug 1886 - 17/29 Aug 1886 Stefan Nikolov Stambolov (Стефан Николов Стамболов)
members: [2]
13/25 Aug 1886 - 17/29 Aug 1886 Petko Račev Slavejkov (Петко Рачев Славейков)
16/28 Aug 1886 - 17/29 Aug 1886 Georgi Ivanov Stranski (Георги Иванов Странски)

[1] Constituted (13/25 Aug 1886) at Veliko Tarnovo in accordance with the proclamation signed by chairman of the Narodno sãbranie (parliament) Stefan Stambolov as a constitutional representation for Aleksandãr I, Prince of Bulgaria, driven abroad by a group of conspirators, who had forced his abdication on 9/21 Aug 1886; led opposition against a provisional government in Sofia established as a result of conspiracy against the prince; succeeded in returning Aleksandãr from his exile (crossed Bulgarian border 17/29 Aug 1886; entered Sofia 22 Aug/3 Sep 1886); Aleksandãr approved all actions of the Namestničestvo in a proclamation issued at Rousse (17/29 Aug 1886) where he also met Stambolov.
[2] Grigor Dimitrov Načovič (Григор Димитров Начович) was proclaimed a member of the Governorship 13/25 Aug 1886, but did not take office being on a diplomatic mission in Bucharest, Romania. He was replaced with Stranski on 16/28 Aug 1886.