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Bangladesh: Polity Style: 1971-2024

17 Apr 1971 People's Republic of Bangladesh is proclaimed at a ceremony held at Baidyanathtala (now Mujibnagar, Bangladesh) [1]
17 Apr 1971 - Ganaprajātantrī Bāṃlādeśa (People's Republic of Bangladesh) [2]

[1] Proclamation of independence is dated 10 Apr 1971 and made retroactively effective to 26 Mar 1971 to honour spontaneous attempts to proclaim independence in a series of radio broadcasts made by leaders of resistance (see "The Declaration Of Independence On 26th March, 1971", by A. M. Abdus Sattar in The Bangladesh Observer, issue of 24 Mar 2002)
[2] Bangladesh remains largely a notional polity from the earliest attempts to proclaim independence on 26 Mar 1971 and the next few days to the surrender of the Pakistan army (16 Dec 1971) and arrival of the state authorities to the national capital, Dhaka (22 Dec 1971).