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The Bahamas: Polity Style: 1973-2024

10 Jul 1973 The Bahamas became an independent state in accordance with an act passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom (House of Commons on 22 May 1973, House of Lords on 12 Jun 1973; received Royal Assent on 14 Jun 1973; effective on 10 Jul 1973) (Public General Acts, 1973, Part I, pp. 409-416) [1]
10 Jul 1973 the Constitution of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas (contained in the Schedule to the Bahamas Independence Order 1973) came into operation on 10 Jul 1973 in accordance with the Bahamas Independence Order 1973 made on 20 Jun 1973 (Statutory Instruments, 1973, No. 1080; Bahamas Official Gazette, Extra, [not numbered], 9 Jul 1973)
10 Jul 1973 - Commonwealth of The Bahamas

[1] Full title: An Act to make provision for, and in connection with, the attainment by the Bahamas of fully responsible status within the Commonwealth (may be cited as the Bahamas Independence Act 1973).