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Körner, Theodor

Theodor Körner

b. 24 Apr 1873, Uj Szönyi bei Komorn/Komárom, Kingdom of Hungary [1]
d. 4 Jan 1957, Vienna, Austria

Title: Bundespräsident (Federal President)
Term: 21 Jun 1951 - 4 Jan 1957
Chronology: 27 May 1951, elected by direct popular voting [2, pp. 4-5]
  21 Jun 1951, took the oath of office, session of the sixth Bundesversammlung (Federal Assembly), Großer Sitzungssaal des Parlaments, Parlamentsgebäude, Vienna [3]
  4 Jan 1957, died [4]
Names/titles: Edler von Siegringen [from 1900]
Born in the family of Theodor Karl Körner Edler von Siegringen, military officer; attended school at Kratzau and vocational school at Reichenberg; entered high military school at Mährisch-Weißkirchen (Hranice na Moravĕ); studied at the military academy and war school at Vienna; commissioned lieutenant (1894), promoted to major (1904); attained the rank of lietenant-colonel before the beginning of World War I; appointed chief of staff of the of the XV Corps at the Isonzo Front, with the rank of colonel (1915); was repeatedly decorated; active in planning the campaigns along the Italian-Slovenian border; head of a bureau at the war ministry charged with the re-organization of the army; inspector general (from 1923) of the Armed Forces; retired in the rank of general (1924); joined the Social Democratic Workers' Party (Sozialdemokratische Arbeiterpartei, SDAP); elected member of the Bundesrat (1924-1934); military adviser for the Schutzbund, a Socialist paramilitary organization; served as Chairman of the Bundesrat (1 Dec 1933 - 17 Feb 1934); was briefly imprisoned after the abortive 1934 coup for his Schutzbund activities; prosecuted on political charges and detained by the Nazi (1944); joined the Socialist Party (Sozialistische Partei Österreichs, SPÖ); elected member of the Nationalrat (1945-1951); appointed mayor of Vienna (1945-1951) by the Soviet occupation authorities; elected Bundespräsident (served 21 Jun 1951 - 4 Jan 1957); died in office (4 Jan 1957). Biography source: [5]

Candidate Popular vote (6 May 1951) Popular vote (27 May 1951)
Heinrich Gleißner 1,725,451 2,006,322
Theodor Körner 1,682,881 2,178,631
Burghard Breitner 662,501
Gottlieb Fiala 219,969
Johannes Ude 5,413
Ludovica Hainisch, geb. Marchet 2,132
invalid votes 72,227 188,241
total number of votes cast 4,370,574 4,373,194
Source for election results: [2, pp. 4-5]

[1] Now Komorn/Komárom is divided into two towns situated on both banks of the Danube: Komárno (Slovakia) and Komárom (Hungary).
[2] "Bundespräsidentenwahl vom 25. April 2004" (Bundesministerium für Inneres, 2004)
[3] Arbeiter Zeitung, Nummer 141, Freitag, 22. Juni 1951.
[4] Arbeiter Zeitung, Nummer 4, Samstag, 5. Jänner 1957.
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  Image: photograph (c. 1950), Präsidentschaftskanzlei, Vienna.