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Craveiro Lopes, Francisco

Francisco Higino Craveiro Lopes

b. 12 Apr 1894, Lisbon
d. 2 Sep 1964, Lisbon

Title: Presidente da República (President of the Republic)
Term: 9 Aug 1951 - 9 Aug 1958
Chronology: 22 Jul 1951, elected by direct popular vote
  9 Aug 1951, oath of office taken, session of the Assembleia Nacional (National Assembly), Palácio da Assembleia Nacional (São Bento), Lisbon [1]
  9 Aug 1958, expiration of term
Reared in a military family; was educated at a military college and polytechnic school at Lisbon; joined the Army as volunteer (1911); graduated (1915) from the cavalry branch of the Escola do Exército (Army Academy); during World War I, served in Mozambique; promoted to alferes (1915), lieutenant (1917), captain (1922), major (1930), lieutenant-colonel (1939), colonel (1942), brigadier (1947), general (1949), and marshal (1958); attended training course for pilots at Chartres (1917); actively participated in development of the Portuguese air force; briefly served as president of municipal administration of Sintra (1926); served as a member of Portuguese colonial administration in India; appointed interim governor (1934-1935) and governor of Damão (1935-1936); commanded air base of Tancos; attended high command course and later worked as professor of the Institute of High Military Studies; commander-in-chief of the Portuguese Legion (Legião Portuguesa, 1944-1950); elected to the Assembleia Nacional (National Assembly, 1945-1951); served as commander of the air base of Lajes (1949-1951) and commander of the Third Military District (1951); as candidate of the National Union (União Nacional), was elected President of the Republic (1951); served mostly as ceremonial figure, but favored liberalization of the authoritarian regime of Estado Novo; was not approved as candidate for reelection due to disagreement with António de Oliveira Salazar; turned to criticism of the National Dictatorship; was involved in the conspiracy of Botelho Moniz (1961), but avoided prosecution.
Biographical sources: "Os Presidentes da República Portuguesa", coord. by António Costa Pinto and Maria Inácia Rezola (Lisboa: Temas & Debates, 2001) ; "Os presidentes e os governos da república no século XX", by Alberto Laplaine Guimarães... [et al.] (Lisboa: Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Imprensa Nacional - Casa da Moeda, 2000)

Candidate Vote (22 Jul 1951)
Francisco Higino Craveiro Lopes 896,379

[1] Diário das Sessões, n.° 108, 10 de Agosto de 1951, p. 1023.

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