Ukraine: Chairmen of the Central Council: 1917-1918

Tovaryš holovy Ukrajinsʹkoji Centralʹnoji Rady (Товариш голови Української Центральної Ради)
10/23 Mar 1917 - 13/26 Mar 1917 Fedir Ivanovyč Kryžanivsʹkyj (Федір Іванович Крижанівський) [1]
Holova Ukrajinsʹkoji Centralʹnoji Rady (Голова Української Центральної Ради)
7/20 Mar 1917 - 29 Apr 1918 Myxajlo Serhijovyč Hruševsʹkyj (Михайло Сергійович Грушевський) [2]

[1] According to the minutes of the Central Council published in Centralʹna Rada (1996), Kryžanivsʹkyj chaired the meetings of 10/23, 12/25 and 13/26 Mar 1917, pending the arrival of Hruševsʹkyj who took chair 15/28 Mar 1917. The resignation of Dmytro Ivanovyč Dorošenko (Дмитро Іванович Дорошенко) from the office of second deputy chairman (drugyj zastupnyk holovy, другий заступник голови) was accepted at the meeting of 9/22 Mar 1917 but it is not known whether he ever presided at the sessions before that date.
[2] While the minutes of the first meetings of the Council are not known to be extant, the evidence concerning the date of appointment of Hruševsʹkyj and his deputies found in primary sources is confusing. Alternative date is 4/17 Mar 1917.
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