Delaware: Speaker of the Assembly: 1776 -

Delaware: Speaker of the Assembly: 1776

Speaker of the Assembly
20 Oct 1773 - 27? Jul 1776 Cæsar Rodney [1][2]

[1] Rodney was elected Speaker 20 Oct 1773, re-elected 20 Oct 1774, and is also mentioned as the Speaker in a resolve passed by the Assembly 21 Oct 1775 [Journals of the Continental Congress, 3:304]; a complete record of the sessions of 1775-1776 is not known to be in existence [Proceedings of the Assembly of the Lower Counties on Delaware, 46].
[2] Including a period commencing on 14 Jun 1776 when the state authority was assumed in the name of the Government of the Counties of New Castle, Kent and Sussex, upon Delaware.
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