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Connecticut: Polity Style: 1662-2023

23 Apr/3 May 1662 Connecticut is constituted as a crown colony by the Charter granted by King Charles II [Connecticut Colonial Records, 2:1-11]
23 Apr/3 May 1662 - 1/11 Nov 1687 Colony of Connecticut [1]
1/11 Nov 1687 the Colony of Connecticut is annexed to the Territory and Dominion of New England upon the proclamation of the Royal Commission to the Governor-in-Chief of New England and dissolution of colonial government at a public ceremony attended by Governor-in-Chief of New England at Hartford [Connecticut Colonial Records, 3:389-390] [2]
8/18 May 1689 the government of Connecticut is restored at a meeting in Hartford [Connecticut Colonial Records, 3:455-460]
8/18 May 1689 - ? Oct 1776 Colony of Connecticut [1]
on or after 9 May 1776 the exercise of authority in the name of the King of Great Britain is ceased and continues in the name of the Governor and Company of the Colony of Connecticut, in accordance with "An Act in Alteration of an Act, intitled, An Act prescribing Forms of Writs, Processes, &c." passed by the General Court or Assembly on or after 9 May 1776 [Connecticut Colonial Records, 15:281-282; Connecticut Session Laws, 1776, 420]
4 Jul 1776 the British colonies represented in the Continental Congress are proclaimed "free and independent states" in accordance with a declaration approved by the Congress on 4 Jul 1776, session of the Continental Congress, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Journals of the Continental Congress, 5:510-515)
on or after 10 Oct 1776 a resolution of the General Court or Assembly, approving the Declaration of Independence (4 Jul 1776), confirming "this Colony... to be a free and independent State", certifying the validity of the Charter of 1662, and instructing to issue writs and other documents "in the name of the Governor and Company of the State of Connecticut", is passed on or after 10 Oct 1776 [Connecticut State Records, 1:3-4] [3]
? Oct 1776 - State of Connecticut [4][5]
7 Nov 1776 the style of public records changed to "At a General Assembly of the Governor and Company of the State of Connecticut in New England in America", resolution of the of the General Court or Assembly [Connecticut State Records, 1:52]
on or after 12 Feb 1778 a resolution of the General Assembly of the Governor and Company authorising the delegates of Connecticut in the Continental Congress "to agree to and ratify the said Articles of Confederation" [Connecticut State Records, 1:532-533; Journals of the Continental Congress, 11:665]
1 Mar 1781 formed part of the United States upon the taking effect of the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union (Journals of the Continental Congress, 19:213-223)

[1] In more formal use: (His Majesty's) English Colony of Connecticut, in New England, in America
[2] Connecticut was not listed among the colonies and lands to compose the Territory and Dominion of New England in Royal Commission to the first Governor-in-Chief of New England (Sir Edmund Andros), dated 3/13 Jun 1686 (see Publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, 2:44-56), but "additional power and instructions" (dated 13/23 Sep 1686) empowered Andros to receive the surrender of the Charter of Connecticut and to take it under his government [Connecticut State Records, 3:393]
[3] The date of passing of this resolution and most of the contemporary laws and resolves adopted by the General Assembly of Connecticut cannot be determined as it was normally dated as of the first day of the session regardless the actual day of voting. The status of the resolution was changed by "An Act for confirming the Laws of this State as revised an amended and for repealing such as are not contained in the foregoing Code" passed on or after 13 Jan 1784 by the General Assembly [Connecticut State Records, 5:281-282]; slightly edited version of this resolution became a law titled "An Act containing an Abstract and Declaration of the Rights and Privileges of the People of this State, and securing the same" [Acts and Laws (1784), 1-2]
[4] Occasional references to "State of Connecticut" instead of "(English) Colony of Connecticut" are found in some official documents issued between 4 Jul 1776 and 10 Oct 1776, including a proclamation of Governor dated 6 Sep 1776.
[5] In early references: State of Connecticut, in New England, in America and State of Connecticut, in America.
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