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England: Council of State: 1659

President of the Council of State
13/23 Oct 1659 - 25 Oct/4 Nov 1659 Bulstrode Whitelock [1]
Being legally invested with exercising executive authority on instructions from the Parliament, the Council of State remained a sole bearer of constitutional power when the Parliament was prevented from sitting at Westminster by the military (13/23 Oct 1659); temporarily restored public order by sending orders to the troops to return to their quarters (13/23 Oct 1659); due to the confrontation with the Council of Officers and amidst general anarchy, ceased to administer political affairs with degrading attendance at meetings; was dissolved and superseded by the Council of Safety, consisting of army officers and civilians nominated by the Council of Officers (25 Oct/4 Nov 1659).

[1] Continues in office from Aug 1659.
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