Aleksandr Rutskoy

Александр Владимирович Руцкой (Aleksandr Vladimirovič Ruckoj)

b. 16 Sep 1945, Proskurov, Kamenec-Podol'sk province, Ukraininan SSR, USSR

Title: Исполняющий обязанности Президента Российской Федерации (Acting President of the Russian Federation)
Term: 21 Sep 1993 - 4 Oct 1993
Chronology: 21 Sep 1993, 00:17, term of office of President of the Russian Federation terminated, resolution of the Supreme Soviet of 22 Sep 1993 (retroactively effective from 20:00 21 Sep 1993) [1]
  21 Sep 1993, 00:23, functions of President assigned to Vice President Aleksandr Rutskoy, resolution of the Supreme Soviet of 22 Sep 1993 (retroactively effective from 20:00 21 Sep 1993) [1]
  22 Sep 1993, 00:25, oath of office taken, session of the Supreme Soviet, Dom Sovetov Rossii, Moscow [1]
  4 Oct 1993, ceased to exercise the functions of acting president with arrest by governmental troops

Air force military officer renown for his participation in the Afghan War; was selected to run for vice president on Boris El'cin's successful election ticket of 1991; assumed the office of Vice President of the Russian SFSR on 10 Jul 1991; put in charge of projects on agriculture production and anti-corruption measures; sided with Speaker of the Supreme Soviet Ruslan Khasbulatov; opposed rigid reforms promoted by the El'cin's administration; was suspended by decree of President El'cin on charges of corruption (1 Sep 1993); supported the resolution of the Supreme Soviet (00:17, 22 Sep 1993) on terminating the functions of President El'cin (votes 136-6), following the dissolution of constitutional legislative bodies announced by the president on 21 Sep 1993; was approved (votes 137-5, 3 abstentions) acting president (00:23, 22 Sep 1993) and immediately took the oath oof office; relieved of duties of the Vice President by decree of President El'cin (3 Oct 1993); was one of the leaders of the armed defense of the Dom Sovetov Rossii (House of Government, Moscow); survived the siege of the White House and was taken into custody by the governmental troops (about 18:30, 4 Oct 1993); released in early 1994; governor of the Kursk Oblast [province] (1996-2000).

[1] Российская газета, 1993, 23 сентября, № 184 [800], стр. 2.
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