Oleg Lobov

Олег Иванович Лобов (Oleg Ivanovič Lobov)

b. 7 Sep 1937, Kiev, USSR

Title: Заместитель Председателя Совета Министров РСФСР (Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR)
Term: 19 Apr 1991 - 15 Nov 1991
Chronology: 19 Apr 1991, appointed, resolution of the RSFSR Council of Ministers
  6 Nov 1991, President of the RSFSR assumed the leadership of a new executive body, the Government of the RSFSR [1]
  15 Nov 1991, resignation of the RSFSR Council of Ministers accepted by resolution of the RSFSR Supreme Council [2]
Oleg Lobov graduated from the Rostov Institute of Railway Transportation Engineers (1960). For more than ten years (1960-1972) he worked in industrial and construction companies of Sverdlovsk, Urals. He was a colleague of Boris El'cin in the Sverdlovsk Provincial Party Committee, where he held a number of positions (1972-1976), but returned to working in construction companies. In 1982 Lobov finally switched to a full-time job in party organs. In 1982-1985 he was a secretary and later second secretary of the Sverdlovsk Provincial Party Committee (El'cin was the Committee's first secretary in 1976-1985). In 1985-1987 Lobov served as chairman of the Sverdlovsk Provincial Executive Committee. In 1987-1989 he worked as an inspector of the CPSU Central Committee and deputy chairman of the RSFSR Council of Ministers. In 1989 Lobov was moved to the Armenian SSR, where he hold the position of second secretary of the Central Committee of Armenian Communist Party (1989-1991). He was elected a people's deputy and a member of the USSR Supreme Soviet. The 28th party congress elected Lobov a full member of the CPSU Central Committee (1990-1991). Lobov was the first Deputy Chairman of the RSFSR Council of Ministers from April to November 1991. After the resignation of the Chairman, Ivan Silaev (26 Sep 1991), Lobov as next in line chaired the RSFSR Council of Ministers until the formation of the reformist government, which replaced the Council of Ministers.[1] In 1992-1993 Lobov headed the Council of Experts under the Chairman of the Russian Government. In 1993 he briefly held the post of first deputy chairman of the Government (15 Apr 1993 - 18 Sep 1993) and, simultaneously, held the portfolio of economics minister (15 Apr 1993 - 18 Sep 1993) in the cabinet of Viktor Černomyrdin. From 18 Sep 1993 to 18 Jun 1996 Lobov was a secretary of the Security Council and also a plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation to the Chechen Republic (from August 1995). In 1996-1997 Lobov returned to the Russian Government as first deputy chairman (18 Jun 1996 - 9 Aug 1996; acting: 9 Aug 1996 - 14 Aug 1996), where he supervised industrial ministries. After a reshuffle of the government, he was demoted to deputy chairman (14 Aug 1996 - 1 Apr 1997) with responsibility for transportation, communications and construction.

[1] ВСНД и ВС РСФСР, 1991, № 45.
[2] According to provisions of the president's decree No. 171 of 6 Nov 1991, the Council of Ministers continued to work "until the formation of a new membership of the RSFSR Government". When the formation of the reformist cabinet was completed, Chairman of the Supreme Soviet Ruslan Khasbulatov signed a resolution No. 1881-I (15 Nov 1991) accepting the resignation of Council of Ministers on request of the President of RSFSR.
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