Yegor Gaidar

Егор Тимурович Гайдар (Egor Timurovič Gajdar)

b. 19 Mar 1956, Moscow, USSR
d. 16 Dec 2009, Uspenskoe, Odincovo district, Moscow province

Title: Первый заместитель Председателя Правительства Российской Федерации по экономической реформе (First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Russian Federation for the Economic Reform)
Term: 2 Mar 1992 - 15 Dec 1992
Chronology: 2 Mar 1992, appointed, decree of the President of the Russian Federation [1]
Title: Исполняющий обязанности Председателя Правительства Российской Федерации (Acting Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation)
Term: 15 Jun 1992 - 14 Dec 1992
Chronology: 15 Jun 1992, appointed, decree of the President of the Russian Federation [2]
  14 Dec 1992, Chairman of the Council of Ministers (Viktor Chernomyrdin) appointed, decree of President of the Russian Federation [3]
  15 Dec 1992, Gaidar relieved of duties of First Deputy Chairman and Acting Chairman of the Government, decree of the President of the Russian Federation [3]
Grandson of the Soviet writer Arkadij Gajdar (Golikov); graduated from the Moscow State University (1978) with a degree in economics; joined the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1980); worked for the scientific institute of system studies (1980-1986), institute of economy and forecast of scientific and technical progress (1986-1987); head, economic department, Kommunist magazine (1987-1990); head, economic department, Pravda newspaper (from 1990); chaired the Institute of Economic Policy; deputy Chairman of the RSFSR Government on the Economic Policy (6 Nov 1991 - 2 Mar 1992); minister of economy and finance of the Russian SFSR (11 Nov 1991 - 19 Feb 1992); minister of finance of the Russian SFSR/Russian Federation (19 Feb 1992 - 2 Apr 1992); appointed Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Russian Federation for the Economic Reform (2 Mar 1992 - 15 Dec 1992); briefly shared the power with Gennadij Burbulis; severely criticized during the Sixth Congress of People's Deputies, the Gajdar-Burbulis government offered resignation (13 Apr 1992); resignation was not accepted by President Boris El'cin; concentrated power after the resignation of Burbulis (effective 14 Apr 1992); was appointed Acting Chairman of the Government (15 Jun 1992 - 14 Dec 1992); with the support of El'cin initiated a series of rigid economic reforms, resulting in destruction of the socialist economy and impoverishment of many social groups in Russia; rejected by the Seventh Congress of People's Deputies despite substantial support of his candidacy by El'cin (9 Dec 1991; received 467 votes out of 1040); was relieved of all duties in the Russian government (15 Dec 1992) after the Congress approved Viktor Černomyrdin; director, Institute of the Economic Affairs of Transitional Period (1992-1993, 1995-1999); appointed First Deputy Chairman of the Government (18 Sep 1993 - 20 Jan 1994) on place of Oleg Lobov; acting minister of economy (22 Sep 1993 - 20 Jan 1994); elected to the First State Duma (1994-1995); leader, parliamentary group, "Vybor Rossii"; chairman, "Demokratičeskij vybor Rossii" (from 13 Jun 1994); was not reelected to the Second State Duma (Dec 1995); elected to the Third State Duma (1999-2003).

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