Order of Malta: Heads of the Order: 1798-1803

All dates appearing in this record correspond to the Gregorian calendar (New Style); Russia used the Julian calendar (Old Style) until 14 Feb 1918.
Великий Магистр Ордена Святого Иоанна ИерусалимскогоVelikij Magistr Ordena Svjatogo Ioanna Ierusalimskogo [1]
10 Dec 1798 - 24 Mar 1801 Павел I (Павел Петрович) ≈ Pavel I (Pavel Petrovič) [2]
Поручик Великого МагистраPoručik Velikogo Magistra [3]
24 Mar 1801 - 9 Feb 1803 граф Николай Иванович Салтыков ≈ graf Nikolaj Ivanovič Saltykov [4][5]

[1] Corresponds to Magnus Magister in the period ending 1798.
[2] Also in Russia as Император и Самодержец ВсероссийскийImperator i Samoderžec Vserossijskij (see entry in Russia for complete imperial style); assasination of Pavel took place either slightly before or after midnight during the night of 23-24 Mar 1801.
[3] Corresponds to Locumtenens Magni Magistri in the period ending 1798.
[4] Appointed and takes office 10 Apr 1799, representing Velikij Magistr Pavel I in formal proceedings of the Order; during the vacancy in the office of Velikij Magistr, exercises the duties of the Head of the Order (solely in Russia).
[5] Locumtenens Magni Magistri (by Papal appointment)
  ? ? 1802 - 9 Feb 1803 Giuseppe Caracciolo dei marchesi di Sant'Eramo
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