Norway: Glossary

Af Guds Nåde og efter Rigets Constitution = By the Grace of God and Constitution of the State
Dronning = Queen
Erkebiskop = Archbishop
Førstestatsråd = First Councillor of State
Greve = Count (cf. German: Graf)
Hertug = Duke (cf. German: Herzog)
Interimsregjering = Provisional Government
Interimsregjeringens formann = Chairman of the Provisional Government
Kansler = Chancellor
Kommissariske statsråder = Acting Councillors of State
Konge = King
Kongerike(t) Norge = (The) Kingdom of Norway
Med (Af) Guds Nåde = By the Grace of God
Med Guds Nåde Norges Konge og Sveriges rette erfinge = By the grace of God King of Norway and right heir of Sweden
Med Guds miskund = By (literally "with") God's mercy
Norge = Norway
Norges konge = King of Norway
Norges rike = State of Norway
Prins = Prince
Regentskap = Regency
Rikets mektige frue og rette husbonde = The realm's mighty lady and right master [1]
Riksforstander = Regent (literally "state vicar")
Riksforstander og fullmektig høvedsmann over alt Norges rike = Regent (realm vicar) and empowered Chieftain (cf. German: bevollmächtigter Hauptmann) over the whole realm of Norway
Riksforstander og kongens og rikets drottsede = Regent (realm vicar) and king's and realm's high steward (or high justiciar)
Riksråd = Council of State
Riksrådets formann = Chairman of the Council of State
Statsminister = Minister of State (the official term for foreign-use "Prime Minister"; except for Quisling, the only use of the term "minister")
Statsråd = Council of State [also Councillor of State]; the official term for foreign-use "Council of Ministers", "Cabinet", etc.
Styrer = Governor, Administrator
Sveriges rike = State of Sweden
utvald Konge = King-Elect

[1] Margrete Valdemarsdatter is given the style Dronning (Queen) since she is the queen-dowager of Norway; she is not Queen regnant in any one of her three realms, despite some suggestive documents. Each realm devised a contorted style for her authority (these styles have variants). Denmark decided, upon the accession of the current Queen, to style Margrete Valdemarsdatter as Margrethe 1., so that the current Queen is Margrethe 2.
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