Israel: Head of the Provisional Government: 1948-1949

haMemshalah haZemanit: Rosh haMemshalah (ראש הממשלה‎ :הממשלה הזמנית) | Provisional Government: Head of the Government [1]
15 May 1948 - 10 Mar 1949 David Ben-Guryon (דוד בן־גוריון) [2]

[1] The Provisional Government was established in accordance with the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel passed by the People's Council (Mo'etset haAm, מועצת העם‎) 14 May 1948. The Declaration prescribed the transformation of the People's Administration (Minhelet haAm, מנהלת העם) into Provisional Council of State effective midnight 14/15 May 1948.
[2] Ben-Guryon was elected Head of the Government at the meeting of the Provisional Government on 20 May 1948 in accordance with Art. 2 (c) of the Law and Administration Ordinance, 5708-1948.
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