Israel: Polity Style: 1948-2018

13 May 1948 a resolution in favour of declaring independence is passed by the People's Administration (Minhelet haAm, מנהלת העם)
14 May 1948 declaration of the establishment of the State of Israel is approved at the session of the People's Council (Mo'etset haAm, מועצת העם‎) and publicly proclaimed at a ceremony in the Museum of Art, Tel Aviv [1]
14 May 1948 - Medinat Yisra'el (מדינת ישראל) = Dawlat Isrā’īl (دولة إسرائيل) | State of Israel

[1] Iton Rishmi, 14 May 1948, No. 1 (עיתון רשמי: מס' 1 תל-אביב ה' באייר תש"ח 14.5.1948 עמ')
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