Iran: Glossary -

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Iran: Glossary

Jumhūr-i Islāmī-i Īrān = Islamic Republic of Iran
Kishwar-i Shāhanshāh-i Īrān = Empire of Iran (literally: King-of-King's Country of Iran)
Mamālik-i Maḥrusa-i Īrān = (God-)Protected Realms of Iran
Pādshāh-i kull-i Mamālik-i Īrān = Great King of All the Realms of Iran
Rahbar = Leader
Rahbar-i Inqilāb = Leader of the Revolution
Ra’īs-i Jumhūr = President of the Republic
Ra’īs-i Wālat-i Muwaqqat-i Dawla = Head of the Provisional Government of Iran
Shāhanshāh-i Īrān = Emperor of Iran (literally: King-of-Kings of Iran)
Shāh-i Īrān = King of Iran
Shūrā-i Muwaqqat-i Ri’āsat-i Jumhūrī = Provisional Presidency-of-the-Republic Council
Wakīl al-Ra‘āyā = Trustee of the People
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