Los Altos: Polity Style: 1838-1849

2 Feb 1838 municipality of Quetzaltenango issues a declaration of secession from Guatemala, with a view to forming a new component of Central-American Federation, and forms a provisional government subjected to the federal authorities
5 Feb 1838 municipalities of Totonicapán and Sololá join Quetzaltenango to form a provisional government of Estado de los Altos [1]
5 Feb 1838 - 29 Jan 1840 Estado de los Altos
5 Jun 1838 forms a part of the the Central-American Federation when the federal Congress passes a resolution recognising its secession from Guatemala and admission to the federation
29 Jan 1840 polity disintegrates upon the occupation of the seat of government by the armed forces of Guatemala
29 Jan 1840 - 5 Sep 1848 part of Guatemala
26 Aug 1848 municipal council of Quetzaltenango declares the continued existence of Estado de los Altos, and calls for the other municipalities to join
5 Sep 1848 delegates from six municipalities meet and appoint a provisional government of Estado de los Altos
5 Sep 1848 - 15 May 1849 Estado de los Altos
15 May 1849 ratification of convention between Guatemala and Los Altos for incorporation of the communities of Los Altos into Guatemala

[1] The creation of Estado de los Altos was not formally finalised until 7 Feb 1838 [Taracena (1997), 166]
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