Biography of Vogt, Carl -
Vogt, Carl

August Christoph Carl Vogt

b. 5 Jul 1817, Gießen, Grand Duchy of Hesse
d. 5 May 1895, Geneva, Switzerland

Title: Mitglied der deutschen Reichsregentschaft (Member of the German Reich Regency)
Term: 6 Jun 1849 - 18 Jun 1849
Chronology: 6 Jun 1849, elected, session of the Nationalversammlung (National Assembly), Saal der würtembergischen Kammer der Abgeordneten, Stuttgart [1, IX, 6821-6822]
  18 Jun 1849, National Assembly and Reich Regency are prevented from further functioning and dissolved by the use of troops of the Königreich Württemberg (Kingdom of Württemberg) [1, IX, 6875-6880]

The son of a professor of medicine; studied medicine in Gießen (1833-1839); fled to Switzerland after he was accused of being involved in the activities aimed at causing public disturbance in Hesse (1835); continued to study in Bern (1833-1839); doctor's degree (1839); junior scientist in Neuchâtel (1839-1844); involved in scientific research in Paris (1844-1846), traveled as scientist to Italy (1846-1847); professor of zoology at Gießen (1847-1849); published a number of notable works on zoology, geology and physiology; elected as a representative of Gießen, Hesse-Darmstadt, to the Nationalversammlung (National Assembly) and served as deputy (20 May 1848 - 18 Jun 1849); belonged to the radical democratic Deutscher Hof faction; member of the Gegenparlament (Anti-Parliament); president of the People's Assembly in Frankfurt-am-Main (1849); joined the National Assembly in Stuttgart, Württemberg (Rumpfparlament) (6 Jun 1849); elected a member of the German Reich Regency, serving as the head of foreign affairs department; member of the Second Chamber of the Hesse Landstände, assembly of estates (1849-1850); fled to Bern to escape arrest on charges of seditious agitation (1849); scientist in Bern (1849-1850) and Nice (1850-1852); professor of geology (1852-1895), zoology, paleontology and anatomy (1872-1895) in Geneva; rector of the University of Geneva; member of the Swiss Nationalrat (1878-1881). Biography source: [2]


Candidate Votes (6 Jun 1849)
August Christoph Carl Vogt 78
Friedrich Schüler 8
August Heinrich Simon 2
Carl Ferdinand Julius Fröbel 2
Ludwig Gerhard Gustav Simon 1
Friedrich Wilhelm Loewe 1
Maximilian Hugo Wesendonck 1
Adolph Gottlieb Ferdinand Schoder 1
Christof Gottlob Heinrich Friedrich Römer 1
Carl Ludwig Johann d'Ester 1
Franz Wilhelm Adolph von Trützschler 1
abstentions 8
total votes cast 105
total valid votes cast/absolute majority 105/53
Election results: [1, IX, 6821]; other members of the Regency were elected in the rounds 1, 3-8.

[1] Stenographischer Bericht über die Verhandlungen der deutschen constituirenden Nationalversammlung zu Frankfurt am Main, ed. by Franz Wigard (Frankfurt-am-Main: Johann David Sauerländer, 1848-1849)
[2] "Biographisches Handbuch der Abgeordneten der Frankfurter Nationalversammlung 1848/49", ed. by Heinrich Best, Wilhelm Weege (Düsseldorf: Droste, 1996)
  Image: lithograph by Schertle after a daguerreotype by Hermann Biow, 1848.
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