Biography of Simon, August Heinrich -
Simon, August Heinrich

August Heinrich Simon

b. 29 Oct 1805, Breslau, Silesia, Royal Prussian States (now Wrocław, Poland)
d. 16 Aug 1860, in Lake Wallensee, near Murg, Switzerland

Title: Mitglied der deutschen Reichsregentschaft (Member of the German Reich Regency)
Term: 6 Jun 1849 - 18 Jun 1849
Chronology: 6 Jun 1849, elected and proclaimed, two hundred thirty-second session of the Nationalversammlung (National Assembly), Saal der würtembergischen Kammer der Abgeordneten, Stuttgart [1, IX, 6821-6822]
  18 Jun 1849, National Assembly and Reich Regency are prevented from further functioning and dissolved by the use of troops of the Königreich Württemberg (Kingdom of Württemberg) [1, IX, 6875-6880]

Third child of a Breslau salesman; studied law in Breslau and Berlin (1824-1827); imprisoned in a fortress at Glogau for killing in a duel (1829-1830), pardoned (1830); served at the high law court in Breslau (1830-1834); judge in the courts of Berlin, Magdeburg, Greifswald, Frankfurt an der Oder, and Breslau (1834-1840, 1841-1844); worked in the Prussian ministry of cults (1840-1841); legal advisor at the Breslau law court (1844-1845); published Das Preußische Staatsrecht (1844); scientific and political publicist in Breslau (1845-1849); wrote for monthly Der Staatsbürger (1848); member of the Vorparlament (1848) and its standing committee (Fünfzigerausschuß); elected to the Prussian Nationalversammlung (National Assembly, 1848) and Second Chamber of the Landtag (1849); elected as a representative of Magdeburg, Province of Saxony (as part of Royal Prussian States), to the Nationalversammlung (National Assembly) and served as deputy (18 May 1848 - 18 Jun 1849); joined the Deutscher Hof faction (later joined the Württemberger Hof); founded the Westendhall faction; elected a member of the German Reich Regency (6 Jun 1849); fled to Switzerland (Jul 1849); sentenced to life imprisonment in-absentia for revolutionary activities (1851); worked as publicist in Zürich (1851-1857) and Wipkingen (from 1857); earned doctor's degree in law (Zürich, 1851); owned (from 1853) slate and cooper mines in Switzerland; drowned while swimming in Lake Wallensee, near Murg, Switzerland. Biography source: [2]


Votes (6 Jun 1849)
  4th Round 5th Round
August Heinrich Simon 40 67
August Heinrich Becher 29 21
Ludwig Gerhard Gustav Simon 13 -
Adolph Gottlieb Ferdinand Schoder 3 -
Johann Jacoby 2 1
Hermann Gottlob Joseph 1 -
Carl Ferdinand Julius Fröbel 1 -
Lorenz Peter Carl Brentano 1 -
Friedrich Wilhelm Loewe 1 -
Gottlieb Christian Schüler 1 -
Franz Wilhelm Adolph von Trützschler 1 -
Christof Gottlob Heinrich Friedrich Römer 1 -
Josef Conrad von Bangold 1 -
abstentions 9 9
total votes cast 104 105
total valid votes cast/absolute majority 104/53 105/53
Election results: [1, IX, 6821-6822]; other members of the Regency were elected in the rounds 1-3, 6-8.

[1] Stenographischer Bericht über die Verhandlungen der deutschen constituirenden Nationalversammlung zu Frankfurt am Main, ed. by Franz Wigard (Frankfurt-am-Main: Johann David Sauerländer, 1848-1849)
[2] "Biographisches Handbuch der Abgeordneten der Frankfurter Nationalversammlung 1848/49", ed. by Heinrich Best, Wilhelm Weege (Düsseldorf: Droste, 1996)
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