Biography of BUCHEZ, Philippe -
BUCHEZ, Philippe

Philippe-Joseph-Benjamin Buchez

b. 31 Mar 1796, Matagne-la-Petite, Ardennes (now in Belgium)
d. 12 Aug 1865, Rodez, Aveyron

Title: Président de l'Assemblée nationale (President of the National Assembly)
Term: 5 May 1848 - 5 Jun 1848
Chronology: 5 May 1848, election as president proclaimed by the Constituent National Assembly, session of the Assembly, Palais-Bouron, Paris [1]
5 Jun 1848, ceased to exercise the duties of office upon the expiration of term and election of a successor [2]

Son of physician; studied medicine in Paris; was an influential member of the Société de médecine and Société philosophique; participated in a military plot (1820); was a co-founder of a secret association, modeled on that of the Italian Carbonari; narrowly escaped condemnation by the court; resumed medical studies and received a doctor's degree in medicine (1824); published philosophical and historical studies; became a member of the Saint-Simonian Society, contributed to its organ, the Producteur; elaborated the basics of Christian Socialism; established the journal L'Européen (1831) and the Revue nationale (1848); edited the 40-volume Histoire parlementaire de la Révolution française (1833-1838); served as deputy mayor of Paris (1848); elected to the Assemblée nationale constituante [Constituent National Assembly] (1848-1849); held the office of President of the Assembly (5 May 1848 - 5 Jun 1848); refused to call for the use of force during a popular invasion of the Assembly (15 May 1848), earning scornful criticism from his colleagues; refused to stand for reelection on the pretext of health condition (5 Jun 1848); was not elected to the Assemblée nationale législative (Legislative National Assembly); returned to private life. Biography source: [3][4]


Candidate Votes (5 May 1848)
Philippe-Joseph-Benjamin Buchez 282
Ulysse Trélat 234
Adrien-Barnabé-Athanase Recurt 91
Charles-François Woirhaye 5
Louis-Marie de Lahaye, vicomte de Cormenin 3
absolute majority 364
votes cast 727
Information source: [1]

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