France: Executive Power Commission: 1848

Membres de la Commission du pouvoir exécutif
11 May 1848 - 24 Jun 1848 Dominique-François-Jean Arago (president)
11 May 1848 - 24 Jun 1848 Louis-Antoine Garnier, dit Garnier-Pagès
11 May 1848 - 24 Jun 1848 Alexandre-Pierre-Thomas-Amable Marie de Saint-Georges, dit Marie
11 May 1848 - 24 Jun 1848 Alphonse-Marie-Louis de Lamartine
11 May 1848 - 24 Jun 1848 Alexandre-Auguste Ledru, dit Ledru-Rollin

Summoned for the purpose of drafting a new constitution of the French Republic, the Assemblée nationale constituante (Constituent National Assembly) debated the issue of executive authority at its sessions of 8 May 1848 and 9 May 1848. A resolution passed on 9 May 1848 provided for election of an executive commission composed of five members. In accordance with the resolution, the Commission du Pouvoir exécutif (Executive Power Commission) was elected by the Assembly on 10 May 1848 and held its first meeting on 11 May 1848. Chaired by François Arago, the Commission appointed (11 May 1848) ministers and exercised executive authority during the period of elaborating the constitution. The workers' revolt in Paris forced the Constituent Assembly to move to Versailles, where it voted (24 Jun 1848) for introducing the state of siege in the capital and transferring political and military power to the war minister, General Louis-Eugène Cavaignac. The members of the Commission, who had strenuosly resisted pressures to resign in the face of the insurrection, did finally submit the collective letter of resignation read out at the same session at 10:30.


Candidates Votes (10 May 1848)
Dominique-François-Jean Arago 725
Louis-Antoine Garnier, dit Garnier-Pagès 715
Alexandre-Pierre-Thomas-Amable Marie de Saint-Georges, dit Marie 702
Alphonse-Marie-Louis de Lamartine 643
Alexandre-Auguste Ledru, dit Ledru-Rollin 458
absolute majority 398
votes cast 794

[1] Comité national du centenaire de 1848. Procès-verbaux du Gouvernement provisoire et de la Commission du pouvoir exécutif, 24 février-22 juin 1848 (Paris: Impr. nationale, 1950).
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