France: Constituent Assembly: 1848-1849 -

France: Constituent Assembly: 1848-1849

Président de l'Assemblée nationale constituante
4 May 1848 - 5 May 1848 Pierre-François Audry de Puyravault (doyen d'âge)
5 May 1848 - 5 Jun 1848 Philippe Buchez
5 Jun 1848 - 29 Jun 1848 Antoine-Marie-Jules Sénard
29 Jun 1848 - 19 Jul 1848 Alexandre-Pierre-Thomas-Amable Marie de Saint-Georges, dit Marie
19 Jul 1848 - 27 May 1849 Marie-François-Pascal-Armand Marrast

After the fall of the Orleanist monarchy, the Gouvernement provisoire (Provisional Government), which proclaimed the second republic in France, issued a decree (5 Mar 1848) calling for election of a national assembly to be entitled to decide upon the definitive form of government. The election to the Assemblée nationale constituante (Constituent National Assembly) was held on 23 Apr 1848 and the Assembly met at Paris, on 4 May 1848 in the Palais-Bourbon. The Provisional Government submitted its collective resignation on 4 May 1848, but it was not accepted immediately as the Assembly went through verification of powers; proceeded with the election of the Commission du pouvoir exécutif (Executive Power Commission) (10 May 1848), which was constituted on 11 May 1848. The workers' revolt in Paris forced the Assembly to move to Versailles, where it voted (24 Jun 1848) for introducing the state of siege in the capital and transferring political and military power to the war minister, General Louis-Eugène Cavaignac. The general exercised dictatorial authority from 24 Jun 1848 to 28 Jun 1848, when he laid down his extraordinary powers and was immediately appointed President of the Council of Ministers by the decree of the National Assembly. For six months the Assembly debated a new constitution, which was promulgated on 4 Nov 1848. Direct election of the President of the Republic was held on 10 Dec 1848 and brought victory to Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte, who took the oath of office on 20 Dec 1848. The Assembly worked for a few months until 26 May 1849, when it held the last session. The term of the Assembly was formally terminated at 24:00 27 May 1849 and was replaced by the Assemblée nationale législative (Legislative National Assembly).

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