China: Head of State (Nanjing): 1912

Dàzǒngtǒng (大總統) | President [1]
1 Jan 1912 - 1 Apr 1912 Sūn Wén (孫文) [2]

[1] Took oath of office as provisional president (Línshí dàzǒngtǒng | 臨時大總統), but official legislation was invariably issued in the name of President (Dàzǒngtǒng | 大總統).
[2] The resignation of Sūn Wén was submitted at the session of the Senate (Cānyìyuàn | 參議院) held in Nanjing 14 Feb 1912, pending the election of a successor. After the election and inauguration of Yuán Shìkǎi in Beijing (10 Mar 1912), Sūn Wén handed over the seals of office to the Chairman of the Senate on 1 Apr 1912.
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