Monck of Ballytrammon, baron

Charles Stanley Monck

b. 10 Oct 1819, Templemore, Co. Tipperary, Ireland
d. 29 Nov 1894, Charleville, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Title: Governor General of Canada = Gouverneur général du Canada
Term: 1 Jul 1867 - 2 Feb 1869
Chronology: 1 Jun 1867, appointed by Letters Patent constituting the office, naming the office holder and giving formal instructions, under the Royal Sign Manual and Signet
  1 Jul 1867, oath of allegiance, oath of office and oath of Keeper of the Great Seal of Canada taken, public ceremony, Executive Council Chamber, Ottawa, Ontario [2]
  2 Feb 1869, termination of appointment with the installation of a successor [3][4]
Names/titles: 4th Viscount Monck of Ballytrammon (Ireland) [from 20 Apr 1849]; 4th Baron Monck of Ballytrammon, Co. Wexford (Ireland) [from 20 Apr 1849]; 1st Baron Monck of Ballytrammon, Co. Wexford (UK) [from 12 Jul 1866]; Sir Charles Stanley Monck [from 1869, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St. Michael and St. George]

Eldest son of Charles Joseph Kelly Monck, 3rd Viscount Monck; educated as lawyer at Trinity College, Dublin, and then at the Inns of Court; was called to the Irish bar at King's Inn (1841); succeeded to the peerage of Ireland (1849); elected (1852) to the United Kingdom House of Commons as a Liberal member from Portsmouth; served as a lord of the treasury (1855-1858); was appointed Governor General of British North America (28 Oct 1861 - 1 Jul 1867); displayed considerable diplomatic skill in dealing with Canadian-American tensions; influenced strengthening of the Canadian federation, overcoming opposition in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick; as a mark of favor, the government extended his term so that he become the first Governor General of Canada (1 Jul 1867 - 2 Feb 1869); after the end of his term, he was knighted and appointed to the U.K. privy council; returned to Ireland and served as Lord Lieutenant of the County of Dublin (1874-1892).

Biographical sources: Dictionary of Canadian Biography. Vol. 12 (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1990)

[1] Sessional papers, vol. 7, No. 22.
[2] The Globe, Toronto, Tuesday, July 2, 1867, Vol. XXIV, No. 157, p. 2.
[3] The Canada Gazette. No. 32. Ottawa, Saturday, February 6, 1869. PP. 453-454.
[4] After Monck permanently left Canada, his functions were taken over by Sir Charles Ash Windham as Administrator of the Government of the Dominion of Canada = Administrateur du Gouvernement de la Puissance du Canada (14 Nov 1868 - 1 Dec 1868), who continued in office until the installation of Sir John Young to hold the same office (The Canada Gazette. No. 21. Ottawa, Saturday, November 21, 1868. PP. 299-300). The term of office of Monck did not formally end until Sir John Young was installed as Governor General in and over the Dominion of Canada = Gouverneur Général dans et sur la Puissance du Canada on 2 Feb 1869.
  Image: photograph, Archives nationales du Québec, c. 1860.
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